With many ex serving and reservist members in Coras, we wanted to provide a platform for one of our newest ex serving members, to share what ANZAC day means to them. Chris Walsh was an officer in the Army for 10 years and now is involved in enhancing Army’s capability through consulting with Coras.

“Whilst serving in the Australian Army between 2012-2022, I continued to be inspired not only by the ANZAC legacy, but in how this spirit continued to transpire in our young service men and women, whilst deployed on operations, overseas or domestically, and in training. Recently, we have seen this same spirit of courage and mateship in supporting the non-combatant evacuation of Kabul and support to the Whole of Government response to floods, bushfires, and COVID-19.

I am now part of the Coras tribe, a proud organisation with a deep connection to the veteran community. It humbles me to be part of a company that has built its foundations on the diverse experiences of those who have previously served and one that continues to provide purpose and support to our veteran community. ”