The building blocks of a supportive, inclusive and people-focused culture.

At Coras, our unique culture is everything. To help create an environment where our team can be their true selves and thrive, we’ve curated a package of diverse benefits based around training, mentorship, wellness, flexibility and shared equity.

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Our Employee Equity

We’re proudly employee-owned. Through our Employee Equity Scheme, we’ve recently hit 10% ownership by our team. Giving every team member access to share options fosters a sense of belonging and means people feel a genuine sense of ownership and responsibility. And, of course, sharing in dividends means that when the business succeeds financially, so do our people.

Sean Payne

Senior Manager

“The Employee Equity Scheme demonstrates to me that the leadership of Coras are committed and genuine in their endeavours to build a lasting business and to share the successes with those that contribute.”

Annual bonus and
remuneration review.

We get that money is a key part of the package. We sit down with every team member once a year to have an open discussion around their salary and any potential bonus.

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Coming together to
foster growth and

Fully funded annual retreat away from day-to-day working locations, to connect as a tribe and spend time on professional development and growth.

Neill Morgan

Business Director

“The annual conference is a brilliant way to connect with the whole team and be reminded of the why behind what we do at Coras. It’s not just a social event, the targeted sessions can offer fantastic opportunities to get some training from some of our Subject Matter Experts to boost our professional development.”

Our Parental Leave

Becoming a parent can be one of the greatest joys…and most challenging periods in life. We support our team in these moments, ensuring every individual has access to our paid Parental Leave Scheme.

Bek Kunda

Senior Consultant

“Parental leave gave me the peace of mind that I would continue to earn continued service as well as an income (plus superannuation) whilst on the paid parental leave portion of my 9 months maternity leave. This allowed me extra mind-space to bind with my daughter, rather than worry about finances.”

Collaboration that
fuels your growth.

There’s a saying in tennis that the way to up your game is to play with a partner who’s stronger than you. This principle is evident throughout Coras. In a spirit of informal mentorship, you’ll work closely with some of our most experienced and respected professionals in their field.

Claire Reid

People & Culture
Coordinator (Talent)

“From chatting about submarines over a beer, to asking an Engineer to help me fix a structural issue in the office, there’s always one thing I can be sure about at Coras – someone is always around to support me, and I’ll likely learn something new (and really cool) in the process!”

A well defined career

Through our Competency and Performance framework, we formulate a specific career advancement and promotion plan for every team member. We promote people when they are ready, rather than when a spot becomes available.

Beth Boustead

Senior Manager

“A company with a well-defined career pathway has given me the flexibility to push myself to explore and absorb the various elements of a career in consulting, coupled with the freedom to develop a deep expertise in a speciality that interests me.”

A Coach to guide
your growth.

Each team member has access to a pool of internal Coaches, who are considered experts in their respective areas. Once you engage with a Coach – or several! – they will provide specific support and guidance on your growth areas and professional development

Rebecca Banagala

Senior Consultant

“As a former public servant, it’s important for me to feel like a competent and confident consultant in the private sector, so leaning into how I can do that with a coach helps me to identify relevant areas of growth, opportunities to seize, and the right avenues for success.”

Supporting and
guiding your growth.

Each team member develops a dedicated training plan with their Coach, based on their specific growth areas. And every member of the team is allocated an additional five days of professional development leave annually.

Calvin Luu

Senior Consultant

“It has allowed me to complete training that is relevant to my current role and to assist with working towards my career goals, all financed by the company! I have the autonomy to look at a variety of providers when sourcing training that suits my preferred learning format so I can get the most out of it.”

Access to our
Employee Assistance

Mental health is a priority here. Every team member has access to our Employee Assistance Program which provides different solutions that offer support to individuals and organisations at all stages of their mental wellness journey.

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Working conditions
that work for you.

Time and place shouldn’t define your ability to do great work. That’s why we’re supportive of flexible ways of working. Whether you’re at home or in the office, ducking out for school pick up or drop off, or needing to schedule an appointment. Of course, trust is a two-way street. We give our people the autonomy to work in the way that suits them best, while serving our clients in a way that’s unmatched.

Matthew Patterson Norrie


“During my time at Coras, I’ve added two children to my family and my youngest was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. The flexible working arrangements have allowed me to be an engaged, present father for my three kids and enables me to attend every specialist appointment for our youngest while still delivering challenging, relevant work for Coras and our clients.”

Monthly phone and
data allowance.

Each team member is provided with the tools they need to work efficiently, including the relevant phone and data allowance, and a MacBook.

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Regular social and
team-building events.

Getting together as a team is important for building a culture of collaboration, shared learning…and fun! One where our people enjoy hanging out, having a yarn and doing things that don’t revolve around work. Our most recent social events have ranged from cocktail making to mini golf.

Christopher Stewart


“Since I’ve been at Coras, we have had wine-tasting, quarterly team breakfasts, excursions to mini-golf, and frequently get together every Friday and socialise as a team. These are just some of the types of activities that allow team members to get to know each other – deeper than just surface level acquaintances.”

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