Assuring Land Capability –
Today and in the future
In a nutshell

We assisted in defining system requirements for the Defence Landworthiness Management System (DLwMS).
This was achieved through consultation with Land Capability Program and Joint Force Design stakeholders.

We documented the system in a Landworthiness Manual, aligned to the ADF Capability Lifecycle Manual. While
similar in intent to the Airworthiness and Seaworthiness principles, this Manual was tailored to the specific risk
profiles of Land Force Capabilities, enabling a rational approach to the development and assurance of Land
Force Capabilities.

We collaboratively worked alongside senior
appointment holders in Army Headquarters to
design, develop and document a guide to
complement the ADF Capability Life Cycle Manual.

Who we worked with

We worked directly to Land Capability
Division in Army Headquarters within
the Department of Defence.

Head Land Capability (HLC) is responsible to the Chief of Army for the design,
modernisation, and sustainment of current and future land capability. We
supported HLC in responding to the direction from Chief of Army, appointed by
CDF as the Defence Landworthiness Authority (DLwA), to establish, deliver, and
manage the Defence Landworthiness Management System (DLwMS).

What was the challenge?
The existing Land Materiel Safety
Framework ensures land materiel is
safe and environmentally compliant;
however, it didn’tt address a
determination of fitness for service.

The understanding of the Fundamental Inputs to Capability (FIC) in the Land
domain was based on individual products rather than a consistent
understanding of the broader correlation / inter-dependency of FIC across the
battlefield / battle groups.

The ADF was seeking to gain greater confidence in development process for
Land Force Capabilities and the means to certify the integration of materiel with
other products, personnel, training systems and procedures to constitute Land
Force Capability.

Where did we come in?
We used our existing knowledge of
regulatory systems, governance, and
Defence Capability to engage with
Defence stakeholders to
collaboratively design a tailored
solution and implementation plan.

Coras provided advice on how aspects of the Airworthiness and
Seaworthiness systems could be applied in the Land domain, while
recognising the significant difference between large platform-based Navy and
Air Capability, where Ships and Aircraft are enabled by their crews, as
opposed to soldier-based Land Capability, where soldiers are enabled by the
integration of multiple products, equipment and systems.

During these discussions / workshops it was evident that the DLwMS needed
to complement the ADF Capability Lifecycle Manual without compromising or
seeking to replace the intent or authority of the Land Materiel Safety

It was critically important to provide assurance of Land Capability to empower
senior decision makers. The introduction of the DLwMS required us to
provide increased confidence for the ADF to:

  • acquire safe, effective and sustainable Land Capability,
  • be Ready Now and Future Ready to respond to Government directions
    if/when called upon to do so,
  • manage and sustain Land-based war fighting capability in a dynamic and
    changing environment, and
  • avoid situations that may damage the reputation or effectiveness of the
    Defence Land enterprise.
Our services ultimately resulted in the
delivery of a Landworthiness Manual,
designed to identify key development,
integration, and harmonisation of Land
Force Capabilities throughout the
capability life cycle.

The combination of compliance with this tailored system, active management of
all risks associated with deviations from the requirements, and periodic
performance assessment of the effectiveness of the system provides justified
confidence to the Secretary and Chief of Defence Force; delivering assurance
of Land Capability today and into the future.