Developing a dependable
asset management
framework, rain or shine.
In a nutshell

The Bureau of Meteorology required specialist asset management
services and support. They briefed us to design, develop and
implement an Asset Management Framework tailored to their
needs, while making sure it was ISO 55000 compliant.

“We determined investment
prioritisation and asset ownership,
and most importantly achieved
buy-in from the executive.”

Who we worked with

The Bureau of Meteorology (Bureau) is
Australia’s national weather, climate
and water agency.

It’s responsible for assisting Australians in preparing and countering the natural
environment and adverse weather events. Their network covers 98% of
Australia’s population, 38% of the land mass and 74% of the Australian coastline.

What was the challenge?
As part of the ROBUST program, the
Bureau needed to implement an
effective and compliant asset
management framework across their

This was primarily to improve reliability, enhance maintenance practices and
increase value. The Bureau was managing assets in stovepipes of asset class.
Each class was managing their assets differently and the quality of asset data
was not providing the information for good decision making. At the same time
they were replacing assets with new technology. It was important to set some
standardised practice across all asset classes using ISO 55000 and improve
information accuracy and flow to make risk-based decisions. The new
framework also had to ensure the aviation community, emergency services,
industry partners and the Australian public received the level of service
needed from this extensive and geographically dispersed asset network.

What did we do?
We were selected to provide expertise
in guiding the Bureau in its Asset
Management journey and develop a
number of tailored deliverables within
its Asset Management framework.

We supported the design, development and implementation of an
Enterprise-level Asset Management System focusing on their observing
network and facilities. The system was developed to align to strategic
direction, achieve compliance and include tailored processes and solutions.
Key aims were to improve asset lifecycle modelling, procurement,
maintenance and logistics practices.

We commenced at the strategic level with finalising their Strategic Asset
Management Plan (SAMP), specifically to meet ISO 55000 compliance and
document service levels, risk and people management areas. We also
facilitated a workshop using visualisation techniques to ensure executives
understood the benefits of effective asset management. This workshop
determined organisational challenges, established accountabilities,
determined investment prioritisation and asset ownership, and most
importantly achieved buy-in from the executive.

Our services also delivered:

  • a process to measure the levels of service for the Observing Network
    asset base,
  • benchmark asset performance levels and establish key performance
  • alignment to current service level agreements
  • a defined planning and scheduling function to increase asset availability
    and efficiency levels.

We then supported the Bureau in their asset management maturity through
the development of an Asset Management maturity self-assessment model,
identifying requirements for an asset management system and developed
comprehensive Asset Management Plans for each asset class in their
observing network.

Through our services, we’ve been able
to guide the Bureau on an Asset
Management maturity pathway
aligned to their strategic direction.

We’ve established executive team buy-in and ownership as well as developing
compliant asset management plans and practices that will deliver value. We also
created a framework of performance and risk-based levels of service that will
lead to effective, informed and risk-based decision-making.