The term ‘Asset Management’ is
broad and our service expertise
goes well beyond the traditional
management of assets.

Our capabilities stretch into strategic alignment, full product lifecycle
management and improvement across industries that rely on asset
optimisation to deliver their capability.

Strategic Asset

We start with you.

With a focus on aligning your asset management approach with your
strategic direction and objectives. From here we help you develop
strategic asset management plans to optimise your Asset Management
Systems and achieve your desired outcomes including compliance to
industry standards. Along the way we incorporate executive level
facilitation, design thinking, informed policy development and maturity
assessments to ensure we achieve the desired outcome.

By combining our Defence, Government and other Industry domain
knowledge and experience, we help you understand the Total Life Cycle
Cost of your assets. Industry leading tools come in handy, too. To
develop standardised Asset Management Plans, attain ISO 55000
compliance, manage risk, establish performance systems, perform gap
analyses, and provide you with decision intelligence to continually
improve your assets and the system so they yield the maximum return
on investment.

Product / Capability
Lifecycle Management.

Our offering extends from defining asset capability and requirements to
acquisition, in-service sustainment and ultimately physical disposal. It
includes all aspects of systems engineering approaches such as
operational concepts, asset design, test and evaluation, system
integration and operation and maintenance.

We are well versed in data systems to design, deliver and sustain assets
throughout their lifecycle, prepare for project stage gate reviews during
design and build and optimising processes to improve product reliability,
and increase confidence in life cycle cost forecasting.

Asset Performance.

Longevity is key.

We help you get the most out of your assets, so they remain effective
and can continue to be supported over their designed life. We also help
you to establish industry accepted processes, set effective performance
criteria, review/analyse asset data and recommend improvements. This
will provide you with evidence to make smart business decisions based
on risk.

How do we work specifically?

We’ve helped deliver significant improvements in the performance of
our clients’ assets, and measurable returns using proven logistic support
analysis approaches and other methods/systems.

Delivering significant
improvements in:

Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM)

Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)

Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)

Level of Repair Analysis

Failure Reporting / Data Collection Analysis and
Corrective Action Systems (FRACAS / DCACAS)

Supply Chain Optimisation

Specialist Engineering

We speak Defence

The majority of our team have Defence engineering backgrounds, so we
understand the industry, its nuances, complex asset integration, systems
and equipment. We also have an understanding of the industry’s
regulatory systems, policy and systems engineering processes, across
all phases of the Capability Life Cycle (CLC).

Our Defence engineering experience spreads across Army, Navy and
Air Force and their supporting organisations, including the Capability
Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG). We have a broad range of
support services in this area, from providing engineering specialist
advice to delivering technical artefacts in acquisition and in-service

Our Defence engineering system
experience includes:

Maritime Platform, Combat and Sensor Systems

Aerospace Systems

Land Systems

Naval Architecture

Software Systems

Communication Systems

Explosive Ordnance Systems

Safety Systems