Governance &

Expertise without optimum
structure leads to inefficiency.

Our governance and assurance services provide practical support in
the design, development, implementation and improvement of
governance frameworks. This includes governance structures,
strategic and business planning, risk, performance and assurance
management. All of which helps to understand the effectiveness of
your business outcomes, quality management, statutory and regulatory
compliance reporting, and surveillance programs.

Governance Frameworks.

Organisations today are becoming
more complex.

And they’re subject to a proliferation of regulatory compliance. As a
result, there’s a need to drive governance deeper into the organisation
and extend decision making down to appropriate levels. Governance
roles, accountabilities and responsibilities must be clearly defined.
Mechanisms need to be in place to ensure strategically aligned
business planning and business review is effective, through targeted
performance, assurance and risk perspectives.

We offer strategic advisory and support services for the design,
development, implementation and enhancement of governance
frameworks that define roles and deliver operational and organisational
effectiveness. We use proven, contemporary models and systems,
tailored to your specific requirements.

Our services involve undertaking an in-depth review of your business,
identifying your outcomes, commitments and obligations, and
implementing a governance framework that is tailored to your business.
This includes the review and amendment of organisational design
based on functions, governance structures and associated boards /
committees / forums, high level policies, and reporting mechanisms for
internal and external requirements.

Management Systems.

Good governance frameworks drive effective decision making. But a
business can’t be operationally effective without a management system
that includes planning, organising, coordinating and controlling
functions. These functions require embedded processes and
procedures that are standardised, demonstrable, and repeatable, to
ensure we deliver the best outcomes.

We provide services to define, develop, implement and mature tailored
management systems that are compliant to quality management
standards and follow the well-accepted Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA)
model. These systems instil workforce conformance and drive continual
improvement to ensure it remains effective in its intent. We’ve
developed and implemented management systems across complex and
multi-functional organisations that are geographically displaced and
have critical functional outcomes including the Australian Defence Force.

Our management framework
consists of the following:

Quality management

People and culture management

Financial management

Risk management

Performance management

Safety management

Supply chain management

Asset management

Assurance Systems.

Assurance is an outcome that gives leaders (and external bodies)
justified confidence that you’re complying to legislation and regulation. It
also demonstrates that you have objective quality evidence that’s an
accurate reflection of your business – and can therefore be confidently
used to make decisions.

It’s important to have an assurance system that contains processes and
procedures to assess compliance and review workforce conformance to
your governance and management systems.

We have experience in quality, safety and other compliance assurance
requirements, using the integration of contemporary assurance and risk

This includes:

Claim Argument Evidence / Goal
Structure Notation used as the
basis for assurance systems and
in the development of safety

Identifying risks, causes,
consequences and controls
using bow-tie analysis and
assuring the implementation,
consistent application and
effectiveness of those controls.

Developing assurance plans and
delivering assurance through
targeted risk-based assurance
audits / assessments.

Assessing assurance maturity
using the ISO 9000 suite of
standards, the Capability
Maturity Model (CMM), and
the Present Suitable Operating
Effective (PSOE) Model.

We have specific experience in compliance and assurance within
Defence regulatory systems including: Airworthiness through
compliance to Defence Aviation Safety Regulations (DASR),
Seaworthiness through the Defence Seaworthiness Management
System (DSwMS), and Landworthiness through the Landworthiness
Management System (LwMS), which we developed for Army

We can help you to design or enhance an assurance system that’s right
for your business and resources. We can also help you undertake
risk-based surveillance activities of your organisations or of the supplier
networks you rely on. On completion of assurance activities, we can
develop reports to show your compliance / conformance gaps, and help
to close those gaps to progress the maturity of your system.