Program &

Our management capability
extends across all phases of a
program or project, so we’re with
you all the way.

We’re well versed in all major project management models, and have
experience delivering complex programs, including Defence
acquisition projects. We can work within a project team, lead large
complex projects or provide services within a PMO.

Project Planning.

There’s no shortcuts or industry
secrets here.

The core success of any project is in the planning. It should be an agile
process that evolves throughout the project, which is why our planning
services ensure your project can adapt to any changing environment.
Most of all, our project planning carefully balances quality within the
notorious triple constraint (time, cost and scope).

We can provide the following
support services:

Business case / feasibility study / concept definition

Eliciting and documenting needs/requirements

Developing Functional Performance Specifications (FPS)

Developing Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)

Developing project success / performance criteria

Developing risk profilesUndertaking cost and time
evaluations, including life-cycle cost estimates

Master scheduling using industry tools

Network diagrams and critical path analysis

Procurement, resource and communication planning

Documenting iterative project plans

Our experience includes support in Defence acquisition and upgrade
projects across the Defence Capability Life Cycle (CLC), and the
development of project artefacts for Gate 0, 1 and 2 reviews.

Project Delivery.

Once we’ve effectively completed initial project planning, the execution
of the project becomes the primary focus. Delivering successful projects
requires careful management of tasks, budgets, and resources, and
managing effective communication with all stakeholder groups is vital.

Whatever the project, plans and personalities sometimes collide. We’re
skilled conflict managers and negotiators. We’ve delivered complex
projects that require liaison and facilitation with multiple diverse
stakeholder groups. We understand the importance of facilitating
effective progress meetings and reporting.

Part of our services in the project execution phase include ensuring
scope, cost and time requirements are maintained in accordance with
the predefined priorities. We consistently review project performance
through quality control and assurance, safety and environmental
compliance, while assessing against planned performance criteria, and
calculating earned value.

Maximise results, minimise risk.

Managing project risk is a principle and foundation element of all of our
project delivery services. We have our own method to monitor and
assess risk which we have used to monitor success in our clients
projects. This allows us to limit unwanted surprises that could cause

Our project management specialists have specific training in PMBOK®,
PRINCE2®, and AgilePM® methodologies, however are well versed in
other contemporary approaches.

Project Monitoring and

While this service is an element of project delivery, it’s also a service we
offer independently. Think about trying to get a look at your own nose
without a mirror. Difficult, right? Similarly, it’s hard for most project
management teams to critically evaluate their own performance. Poor
project performance is an ongoing challenge, resulting in delays and
realising other risks.

We offer project monitoring and control services that provide accurate
information on how your project is performing. This includes serving you
the information at stage gate reviews so we can determine whether the
project should continue as planned.

Our services focus on establishing a function that reviews performance
data assigned to risk controls. We use tools such as Earned Value
Management to understand schedule and cost variance, while
monitoring and managing scope creep within designated change

The performance of projects needs to be reported to authorities at set
milestones and stage gate reviews. We offer the development of these
reports which are garnered through performance data capture and
analysis, lessons learned workshops, risk and issue registers, change
registers, and feedback from stakeholders. Our reports include project
wrap up and close-outs to finalise projects and provide knowledge for
future projects.

Program Management.

Project management can be tricky. It takes extensive experience,
discipline and skills to manage multiple projects within a program. Our
Program Managers are experienced in portfolio management that is
aligned to your strategic direction, have supported Program
Management Offices (PMO) and have been responsible for the effective
integration of multiple projects.

We have experience in establishing, implementing and delivering within
complex programs. This includes the development of program charters,
governance plans and management systems that include PMO
enterprise-level planning, quality, risk, performance, assurance and
reporting processes.

It’s all about balance. Our Program Managers are experienced in
defining priorities and knowing when to move resources, budget, and
time from one project to another. This is done through close monitoring
of project risk and performance. It can only be done with close liaison
with all Project Managers and other stakeholders.

Our experience extends to supporting Defence Program Sponsors in
delivering complex Air, Land and Maritime acquisition programs to
Capability Managers, working with Fundamental Input to Capability (FIC)
leads and transitioning assets to the in-service environment.